Ep 48: How Counting Macros Creates Food Anxiety - An Interview with Sydney from SoelSister

Sydney from @soelsister is my guest today, and she's sharing her story from counting macros to becoming an intuitive eater. While counting macros may feel initially safe, you'll see from this interview that it is deceptive. Counting macros can far too easily lead to restriction, deprivation, and feeling out of control.

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Show Notes:

Happy week of Thanksgiving! I hope you’re feeling confident and empowered right now - I know the holidays can be tough, body image and food-wise, but I hope you’re finding the encouragement you need in continuing to practice self-compassion and self-care. I’ll be at my parents’ house in Houston all week with 5 of the 8 kids, with 19 of the grandkids, and it’s going to be a huge party. A very loud party. :)

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Okay, onto the good stuff. My interview today is Sydney Thornton, known on IG as SoelSister. I’ve been lucky enough to meet Sydney in person a few times and she’s so much fun. I asked her to come on here and share her story of her journey with food and share some takeaways of what she’s learned as she went through the process of healing her relationship with food and learning to eat intuitively instead of relying on counting macros, which is what she did before and she’ll tell you all about that.

Sydney Thornton is an Arizona native currently attending Arizona State University. She is pursuing her passion of becoming a licensed therapist to help women that struggle with disordered eating habits and negative body image. She feels called to work with women and remind them of their innate value and worthiness that has nothing to do with external appearance. When she is not focusing on her degree, she enjoys social media influencing, eating Blue Bell ice cream, and spending time with her two-year-old daughter and husband.

Note: Recommendations in this podcast interview or any other are not a substitute for therapy. The way that my podcast guests recover from disordered eating and manage their relationship with food is not in any way a recommendation for treatment of your own situation. If you are engaging in behaviors that feel out of your control, like restriction or bingeing, I would absolutely recommend you seek professional, individual help from a licensed therapist.

I love Sydney’s encouragement and enthusiasm for this. I hope you heard something that will be helpful for you in your own life. I also want to say that you don’t have to get to the point that Sydney did, either with counting marcos obsessively or getting into more harmful behaviors like extreme food restriction or bingeing, before you decide to turn things around.

The principles of healing your relationship with food apply to everyone, no matter where you’re starting. You don’t have to have an eating disorder, you don’t have to have a certain body type or size, and you don’t have to have a certain kind of personality. Everyone can benefit from ignoring or not relying on external systems like macros or counting, and instead learning to trust themselves around food build food confidence. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving this week, and I’ll talk to you next week!

Stephanie Webb