Ep 59: Redefining Nutrition

It’s the one-year anniversary week of the Nutrition Redefined podcast! I can’t believe it’s been a full year of showing up here every week, me and my microphone and my blanket fort, to chat at you in your ears. I’ve loved every minute of it. I’ve loved stretching myself to create this - both figuring out the tech and coming up with things to talk about weekly! Although that’s not the hard part - I never get tired of talking about this stuff. :)

I’ve loved hearing from some of the many of you listening now with how the podcast has helped you. Here’s a podcast review I got this week that I loved from Kralling: “This is the nutrition podcast you never knew you needed! She is NOT a bandwagon or food fad follower. She gives solid nutrition advice, and encourages you to work on thoughts AND food choices. Seriously. You need this podcast in your life!”

Every week I get messages on IG from listeners telling me about progress they’ve made, lightbulb moments, or topics that touched them personally. It is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding for me to hear those things, so thank you!

This episode of the Nutrition Redefined podcast is sponsored by the Eat Confident Co online shop at eatconfident.co/shop. I'm so excited this week to announce that we have a brand new product - the N+S Breakfast cookbook.

This is the first in a series of 4 digital cookbooks we’ll be releasing through 2019. This is a collection of 50 recipes and variations on the breakfasts that Emily and I eat on a daily basis. They are also great for lunch and snacks - you don’t need to feel boxed in to just breakfast. These are all simple, adaptable, and easy. Our goal with this cookbook series is to teach you how to eat in the middle. (Briefly explain what that means.) If you have ever purchased a ready-made meal plan, with your breakfasts, lunches and dinners all planned out for you, and found yourself feeling stuck or in food prison because maybe you don’t want to have veggie stir fry that night or you don’t like one of the recipes in the plan but you feel obligated to do it because otherwise you’ll officially be “off plan”...it can be super stressful and actually ADD to your food stress instead of alleviating it like you maybe thought it would. This is designed to give you that gentle nutrition guidance you might be looking for, without being rigid or prescriptive about what you HAVE to eat on any given day. All the recipes in here are delicious and easy but also nutritionally balanced. They are not all “healthy recipes” - we use things like chocolate chips on the daily in our personal kitchens and we want to show you that you can do that too! It’s not about diet perfection - it’s about finding that balance between nourishment (i.e. nutrition) and satisfaction (i.e. yumminess) at every meal. This digital cookbook is available as of Monday for only $19 in the shop.

But good news - I’m also doing a giveaway of the digital cookbook over on my Instagram feed, @nutrition.redefined. My business partner Emily @emilyfonnesbeck_rd is also doing a giveaway this week. The giveaway closes tomorrow, so if you want to enter to win one, head over to my IG feed to enter! But otherwise, head to eatconfident.co/shop to grab that - I’d highly recommend it as a fantastic resource in your meals. I have been using it several times a week myself since we put it together and I just love how it’s laid out. It’s awesome. Nourished + Satisfied Breakfast Edition.

To commemorate this one-year anniversary of the show, I wanted to go back to my roots and talk about why I chose the name “Nutrition Redefined” for my business and this podcast and what that phrase has come to mean for me over the last year. It’s been a year of change for me. As I look back at who I was and what I believed about health and nutrition even just last Feb, I can see that I’ve made some big shifts. This is natural, of course. But with those changes, rather than growing apart from the words I chose to represent my mission, I’ve come to resonate even more deeply with the meaning behind the words. The phrase “nutrition redefined” has come to represent more than I could have imagined at the beginning, which just shows it wasn’t my mind that came up with the idea.

While I’m on the topic, I might as well tell you the story, for the sake of fun. A little behind-the-scenes peek at a huge business decision. You know that when I first created my online business in June of 2016, I chose the name “Eat Happy Nutrition.” I was just finishing up my master’s degree in nutrition and my certification as an Eating Psychology coach and I had a specific approach to the feeling I wanted to embody as I helped people with nutrition. And that was my goal at the beginning - to help people eat healthier.

(BTW if you have questions about my credentials or education or want to know more about the programs I went through - this is another thing I get emails about all the time - I am planning a podcast episode for the future to answer all of those, so hang tight.)

So in Eat Happy Nutrition, I wanted to show that healthy could be fun, and show how to live a healthy life without stress and guilt. That worked really well for a while.

Then in 2017, something changed. I started to feel a need to change something. I wasn’t sure what. You know I love to go on walks while listening to audiobooks. Well, in November 2017 I was walking around my neighborhood and listening to a book called Why Buddhism is True (which is a great book but has nothing to do with business). As I was walking, suddenly the words “Nutrition Redefined” came into my mind so strongly, like a lightning bolt from the sky, that I literally stopped walking. It was like a physical force. I knew I needed to change the name of my business. As I always do when I have an idea, I texted my husband. Then I got to work, putting plans in place, building a website, getting a new email address, and of course, creating this podcast. Everything became official in Feb of last year, and here I am.

But much more changed over the course of the year. One most life-changing shift was partnering with Emily Fonnesbeck. That was another scary thing, almost like proposing marriage to a stranger. But I asked, and miraculously she said yes, and we have since formed a separate business, Eat Confident Co, that is no longer even under the umbrella of Nutrition Redefined.

Although that decision has been tremendous in so many ways (I’ll come back to that point in a minute) it’s also been a bit tricky for me. I’ve been asking questions like, why do I even need Nutrition Redefined anymore? If the program that I created is no longer part of Nutrition Redefined, what is the point? What is the purpose of my business? Should I just get rid of NR and move everything over to ECC? Should I change the name of the podcast? I’ve gone in circles, not sure how to move forward, not sure what I was really doing. (Which is really the secret truth of every business owner - nobody TRULY knows what they’re doing and we’re all just figuring it out as we go and making a million mistakes along the way!)

But I knew Nutrition Redefined was inspired. I knew that idea was one of those aha moments of a lifetime, one I can’t deny. I know the mission of what I’m doing here is integral to my life’s work. I could no sooner get rid of NR than I could cut off a limb! It no longer is the home for my group coaching program, but it still serves a purpose.

So now I want to outline for you what that purpose is - how I hope to support you - and then I want to tell you how I’ll be doing that moving forward.

The purpose of Nutrition Redefined is to support you in redefining health and nutrition for your own life. When I was on a trip recently, I conducted a little experiment. Every time someone asked what I did, I would say some variation of my title - most often, I’m a nutritionist and I teach intuitive eating. Something along those lines. And if the conversation continued, every SINGLE time, it would turn to weight loss.

That’s what nutrition has come to mean for almost everyone. Nutrition has become a way to manipulate body size, to fight against ourselves, to withhold pleasure from food, a set of rules and restriction, a weapon to use against ourselves. Nutrition is now, for most people, synonymous with dieting.

This is a tragedy to me. Because while I am a firm believer and advocate of the science of nutrition, I am vehemently opposed to diet culture and the obsessive pursuit of weight loss as a means to happiness.

So what I hope to enable you to do is use nutrition as a tool to feel your best. To help you see that nutrition is not a weapon or a punishment. To guide you in redefining what nutrition means FOR YOU.

Separate “nutrition” or “health” from thinness, fitness, or weight loss. Divorce those concepts in your mind - they are not the same! I want to challenge you to figure out what health looks like and feels like for you - what you want it to look like and feel like.

To expand your definition of health to fit yourself inside of it instead of always excluding yourself from it because you feel like you’re not good enough. Health and nutrition are not just for professionals or people with degrees. They’re not just for those who count macros or have a certain BMI or look a certain way.

Nutrition is for you. Feeling good in your body is for you, no matter your size or weight. You deserve to feel good. You deserve to know and understand what your body wants and needs.

I hope to be able to teach you how to listen to your body wisdom and to honor it, both with food and all other aspects of self-care.

Going back to the pillars of Nutrition Redefined, my first podcast episodes, health and wellness is not just about being thin. Nutrition, body image, movement, mindset. Those principles are all encompassed within my approach to health.

I hope as you listen to the podcast each week that you’re coming away with a personal definition of nutrition that fits you inside of it. I hope you’re coming away feeling like you can do this. Although nutrition advice can sometimes be helpful, I think more often than not it has the tendency to make us feel overwhelmed, inadequate, ashamed of how we’re doing it “wrong,” and unsure where to start with all the changes we think we have to make. I hope this podcast is never perceived as nutrition advice. My intention here, and with everything I do in Nutrition Redefined, is to encourage and empower you to do things that make you feel good - because they make you feel good. No guilt or shame, no scare tactics, no telling you you’re not good enough as you are. I want you to understand that you are exactly good enough as you are, and also that you can be compassionate with yourself as you go about trying to feel better in your body.

Here are the ways I’ll be showing up for you and the ways I’ll be making myself available to support you starting this week.

IG Lives every Tue @12pm Central.

Continue new podcast every Wed.

FB Lives every Thu @12pm Central.

These will be to answer questions that haven’t morphed into a podcast episode, but also to enable you to actually talk to me. I will bring on anyone who wants for a little mini-coaching session right there on Facebook or Instagram so we can talk, you can ask your question, and I can give you a little bit of guidance right there on social media. I’m really excited about it, and I think it will be such a fun way to connect with you a little bit more. So make sure you’re following along on IG and/or FB to see when those lives happen and get the chance to ask your question in real time.

I'm also excited to announce that after a long break figuring things out, I'm bringing back 1:1 coaching. I will only be taking 2 people a month, so it's really limited and only for people who are really serious and invested in this process of making peace with food. That info will be on my website, nutritionredefined.co, and you can click over there to get details and apply for a spot.

Those are all under Nutrition Redefined, just me.

I have to say how amazing this past year has been - again, it just blows me away that total strangers all over the country are listening to my voice and finding encouragement in their own relationships with food. This podcast has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and is worth all the work it takes to put it out there.

Stephanie Webb