Ep 79: The Journey from Dieting to Intuitive Eating - An Interview with Natalie from Balanced Nat

In this episode, I’m talking with Natalie from @balanced_nat. Natalie is a 27-year-old graduate student getting her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and School Counseling. She’s passionate about working with children and families, reducing the stigma around mental health, and making meaningful connections, both personally and professionally.
In her free time, Natalie enjoys taking advantage of the beautiful Colorado outdoors, listening to true crime podcasts and going on foodie adventures with her boyfriend. She’s never met a pizza she didn’t like.

I loved talking with Natalie, because she is a prime example of someone steeped in diet culture and influenced from a very young age by what those around her deem as “healthy” or “good” food. Now she lives with food freedom, finding joy in the experience of eating, and seeking to help others find the same peace she now enjoys.

She shares some great ideas for steps to take as you continue eating intuitively, even when those around you are less understanding of your choices.

Here are some of the highlights from the episode:

3:00 - Natalie begins to share her story of how from a young age she loved food, but was also constantly being reminded by her family how “bad” the foods she loved were for her. Growing up and through much of her young adult life, Natalie exercised and restricted her eating to maintain a body type she thought was healthy, but she found herself miserable.
11:30 - At the end of 2017 Natalie began to give herself freedom with food, and was introduced to Intuitive Eating again. She shares her process of letting go of her long-held beliefs about health and food. She began to find joy and happiness she had never known.
15:29 - While she has come so far, Natalie still struggles with “diety thoughts”, and shares inspiration on how she keeps her perspective straight. We discuss how intuitive eating is leaving what you thought you wanted (a tiny body) for what you know you want: happiness, fulfillment, and wholeness. We talk about how we are all steeped in this weight-centric diet culture and, to some extent, victims of that culture.
22:00 - Natalie shares how to establish boundaries with your spouse/significant other when it comes to your intuitive eating lifestyle.
28:00 - These are the final take-homes Natalie wants us all to remember from this episode

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You can find Natalie on Instagram @balanced_nat

Stephanie Webb