Ep 30: Chronic Dieting: What It Is + Why It's a Problem

Many women don't identify as dieters even if they've been stuck in restrictive food rules for half their lifetime.

Dieting doesn't just mean drinking weight loss shakes or counting calories! 

Dieting is any behavior around food that comes with the intention of losing weight. Dieting is following a set of food rules with the belief that your body is not good enough as it is.

Dieting has become a career - even a religion - for so staggeringly many of us... and the scary thing is that we might not even know it. We aren't even aware of how much of our lives and happiness we've handed over to dieting, all for the sake of looking better.

On today's podcast episode, I'm digging deep into chronic, long-term food rules/dieting and why they are such a massive problem.

You deserve so much more than a life of food rules and body obsession! You were born for so much more. You have so much more to do than pour all your energy into getting smaller. You have great things to do with your life - stop playing so small!

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Stephanie Webb