You’ve brought happiness into the mix of living a healthy lifestyle. You’ve empowered me with the ability to choose what healthy habits work for me...The tools you gave me are lifelong sustainable...A healthy life doesn’t have to be complicated with the latest and greatest workout, or fad diet. It begins inside. It’s physical mental, emotional, and spiritual...You don’t offer a quick fix. You offer lifelong sustainable means to live a healthy lifestyle.
— Annie

When I started working with Stephanie I was struggling with being overweight, severe migraines and the frustration of being 35 yet feeling I had lost all my youthful energy. Steph quickly helped me create a plan to improve all those areas. She taught me that it’s not about creating a “diet,” strict rules or denying myself. Instead, it is all about discovering what is best for my body and what makes me feel strong and healthy. She is an incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and passionate partner on my path to better health. Not only did she help me to reach my goals but she inspired me to change my mindset so I can continue this path for the rest of my life. I am so thankful for the transformations she’s made in my life!
— Amanda

I feel much better about myself and my body. I am eating less and feeling like I have a real solution to handle food in my life. This has been really incredible and Stephanie has been so positive and inspirational.
— Brittany

I have seen so many changes in my health and it’s been so amazing! About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS with constipation. I’ve gone through so many colon cleanses and many products over the years in hopes it would help my digestive system work better, but nothing seemed to work. After implementing so many of Stephanie’s tools in my life I’m happy to say, my digestive system is 10x better than it has ever been. It’s been amazing to see the positive changes that have taken affect from working with her. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s definitely life changing!
— Natalie

I feel empowered with tools to rework my relationship with food and even my relationship with myself. My life will be different because I see things differently now. I would recommend this program in a heartbeat because the information is practical and inspiring. Stephanie has been there and has taken her relationship with food full circle, while being the first to admit she’s still working on it. Because she is so real, I feel like I can make lasting changes too.
— Christina

I have calmed down around food and found hope for a healthier, happier me. I can already feel that now, which is amazing. Ending my obsession with weight loss has been the most freeing thing. I now feel ready to apply the basic things I’ve learned like mindful eating. What felt impossible before now seems possible.
— Mandy

In the past I always thought I was out of control around food - I thought I was just the type of person that always caves in and eats ten cookies instead of just one. Now that I’ve had weeks of practice with pausing and making conscious decisions about what I really want to do, I’ve realized I can say no to food that is not serving me well. It has empowered me to realize that I don’t have to continue playing out my old patterns if I don’t want to. This was a big turning point for me, as I’ve always been stuck in black-and-white perfectionist thinking about food that kept me swinging between dieting/restricting and binge eating. Working with Stephanie helped me to finally stop seeing food as the enemy and start working on making more moderate, healthy, and satisfying choices from day to day.
— Anna

I have tried the restrictive quick fixes. They don’t last and leave me feeling like a failure. I have freed up a lot of thinking space because I am not so obsessed with my size, how I look, what I should eat. I feel free to live life. I am finally succeeding and if feels good.
— Becky

Normally I would say I am a self-help book, go-it-alone person, but everything Stephanie said resonated with me and I’m so grateful that I signed up and fully participated. So worth the time and money!
— Michelle

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