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Eat with Confidence is my full-day, mind-shifting workshop to help women who are sick of struggling with food learn how to end the food guilt and step into confidence + empowerment with eating. 

I'm here to help you take the guilt and stress out of healthy living and to give you permission to stop dieting, stop the restriction, stop the madness. Food should be fun! And if you're not having fun and enjoying food most of the time, you've got some work to do.

And that's what this workshop is all about! Creating space for you to get started on that work. Giving you the action steps to take with food - including hands-on eating exercises to help you practice in real life - so you leave the workshop feeling empowered and ready to continue the positive changes we'll start together.

This workshop is the result of my experience as a nutritionist and an eating psychology coach. I've worked with hundreds of women around the world to help them heal their relationship with food + free their minds up to think about stuff other than weight loss and food rules. I'm cramming all my best stuff into one full day together, and it's going to be EPIC.


Here's what the difference is, though, between my online classes and this workshop: this is about doing stuff together, in real life, in real time. We'll even eat a meal and snacks together, to give you a guided walk-through of how to connect more deeply with food.

You may have read some books, listened to some podcasts, or seen some anti-diet, intuitive eating accounts on Instagram. But this isn't just about listening or consuming information - it's about DOING. It's a day set aside for you to take action and create the life and relationship with food that you want.

At this workshop you won't just be sitting around listening to me talk! You'll be practicing, implementing, and strategizing about how you can take the principles you'll learn and turn them into your new normal with food.

If you're ready to stop the food guilt, stop the endless on and off with food rules and programs, and end the battle with yourself about your body, you're ready to Eat with Confidence. I'll see you at the workshop!


• A clear understanding of where you're personally stuck with food + what to do about it

• The tools to make eating more fun + less stressful, and how to keep going when you feel stuck again 

• Ideas for how to get started with intuitive + mindful eating

• An exclusive Eat with Confidence workbook filled with everything covered in class and even more exercises to help you continue on your journey for years to come

• An action-oriented implementation plan so you can apply the new concepts we cover at the workshop


I have spent the last several years turning upside down what I thought health was, and then helping other women do the same. This fresh new perspective on food, health, and wellness has changed my life and freed up all the mental energy I used to waste on stressing out about food (cut out sugar! count carbs! follow all the rules!) and channel it into living an amazing life. 

I tried all the things (including getting a masters degree in nutrition...) and finally realized that the answer to my problem wasn't to be found in the perfect diet, all the nutrition knowledge, or more willpower. The magic happened when I shifted my mindset around food, stopped obsessing over unrealistic, energy-sucking goals, and learned how to eat intuitively. And I want to help you do the same!

I’m not interested in telling you what to eat. You won't ever get a food rule from me. My interest is in helping you find your own power in your life - to stop buying into the idea that losing weight is the most important thing, and instead realize that health + happiness are within your reach RIGHT NOW, in the body you have today.  

And MOST importantly, I want to help you find freedom around food so you free yourself up to live a life you love. Because that's the whole point of being healthy! To feel good and spend your energy on fulfilling your life's purpose - whatever it is.


So if you want to stop repeating the same old patterns with food, become an intuitive eater, and develop confidence to take amazing care of yourself without stress, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU!


• Women who have tried #allthethings with food but still feel stuck and frustrated with themselves.

• Anyone who realizes that trying the same old things over and over (counting calories, food restriction, dieting) is not the answer and who is willing to try something new.

• Women who are sick of feeling out of control or uncertain about what and how to eat and want to be able to confidently make food choices without a textbook or a food scale to guide them.

• Women who feel like they've played the weight loss game long enough and are ready to start feeling good in their own skin RIGHT NOW, without waiting to hit some elusive number.


• You are only interested in losing weight. This workshop is about eating with confidence in the long run - not a quick fix, magic bullet, or hidden secrets to get you slimmed down. In fact, I'm not particularly interested in your size or weight. My only goal is for you to learn how to + put into practice behaviors that make you feel amazing, regardless of the number on the scale!

• You don't want to do the work of healing your relationship with food or you want to be handed a regimented program telling you exactly what to eat every day. Although I know a lot about nutrition, I can't tell you exactly what to eat. Nobody can! That's uniquely your job as a human adult and the only inhabitant of your amazing body. No quick fixes here! I will give you the tools and direction to figure it out...but you'll still have to do the work! But don't worry. It's SO FUN.




The Eat with Confidence workshop will be held at NOAH'S Event Venue in South Jordan, Utah on Saturday, August 11th! Your time will be divided between learning new ideas in a lecture format from me (Stephanie), working through questions and ideas with fellow workshop attendees, taking some time for writing and reflection, and going through guided experiential eating exercises over a delicious catered lunch and snacks.


• An exclusive Eat with Confidence workbook that we'll work from, discuss, and have filled with tools, information, and resources for you to keep forever and refer back to whenever you want!

• Tons of tips, ideas, and wisdom I've gained from my personal experience, both learning and teaching other women. I'll teach you specific, actionable steps to take to feel confident + empowered around food for the rest of your life.

• The chance to get feedback and ask questions about how the concepts apply to your unique circumstance. 

• Lunch, snacks, free gifts, and tons of FUN. With lots of interactice experienes to help you shift your mindset and retain the new information you'll be absorbing.